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May 10th, 2017

Profile: Brittney Escovedo / Beyond8

Creative and humble, Brittney Escovedo knows all the secrets to turning dreams into reality.

Founder of the company Beyond8, Brittney always knew that event production was the best way to utilize all of her skills and continue to do what she loves the most – cater to people. For the powerful brunette; the ability to be kind, gracious and sensitive is the key to not only a successful business but to a good relationship with her acclaimed list of clients – including huge names such as Nike, Puma, Sephora, Converse and Lacoste.

“I listen to them carefully and we do our absolute best to execute what they desire while remaining within the budget. We are true team players and a lot is possible when we work together”.

Imagining and creating events with a completely new set of eyes for each and every client, Brittney enjoys the fluctuation and flexibility of the event production industry – which, not surprisingly, is also a reflection of her fierce personality and work ethic.


// BEYOND8 is an innovative event production agency specializing in fashion, tech, restaurant, and music-related events. Our focus is bringing our clients and their target groups together in the most impactful way.

In this climate, an event producer must understand marketing, design, leveraging digital platforms as well as how to engage influencers to create buzzworthy events. Beyond8 is the altenative to old-world methodology when it comes to production.

We are event producers for the prolific millennial generation.

after 9 years of successfully producing full-fledged interactive experiences, fashion events, product launches, charity function, movie premieres and after parties in New York, Miami, and LA; we have assembled a team of innovative designers to create stunning events for corporate, non-profit and independent clients alike.

With an expert team of producers, assistants and managers, Beyond8 can bring to fruition whatever your imagination wishes to express. Our team has long standing relationships with the nation’s best vendors, venues and specialists to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.




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