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June 22nd, 2017

Profile: Joanna Greenfield / RubyJ Events

Ambition is the keyword for the British event production agency Ruby J Events. Known for their versatility and exceptional creativity, the company is directed by Joanna Greenfield – who just like her company; is here to get the job done, and done well.

For the energetic blonde, the best thing about the event industry is the freedom to explore every corner of your imagination. “Every time we meet with a new client, we start with a blank page with the opportunity to form a new personality, and that challenge keeps me going” she shares.

“You have to take the positive with the negative. It’s not all glamorous, however if you maintain focus and work hard, you will be rewarded.” 

Although the event industry involves unique dynamics and an incomparable kind of freedom, it also requires a very particular skill: patience. When every detail matters, patience is critical to ensure successful execution, a valuable lesson the director mastered throughout her career.

About Ruby J Events

Joanna and Lucie launched Ruby J in London, England, back in 2009 for the single purpose of designing events that excel. The philosophy was simple; be competitive, be innovative and be proactive.

With offices also located in New York City, they are able to bring their British flair to their international clients, with events taking them from France, Russia, and Italy and of course London, to Arizona, Washington DC, Florida and even Brazil.

They stay competitive by nurturing long-standing relationships with like minded venues and vendors so they can offer ‘trade’ rates with no hidden costs. They always offer the latest and greatest in entertainment, dining and decoration trends to ensure that, no matter the theme, everything is of the highest quality. Their hands-on approach means they personally oversee every aspect, from idea to execution, so guests can relax and fully enjoy their event experience. This is why Ruby J has become a leading events producer with an unrivaled reputation for excellence, value and service.



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