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July 21st, 2017

Profile: Jessica Halcomb / Blender Workspace

We caught up with Jessica Halcomb in the Blender Lounge last week.

Who are you
I’m the Director of Events and Community Programming for Blender.

Favorite thing about working for Blender
I love creating the content and partnerships for the events rather than just planning based on my clients’ needs.

What’s your favorite event right now
I’d say our Art Series in collaboration with Cura/genda. We have quite a diverse agenda for each month. We might do a film screening or panel discussion, and we have a continuous revolving door of installations.

Biggest accomplishment
I orchestrated a wedding on Ellis Island. It was on Memorial Day weekend and included shutting down battery park tourism, lovingly shoving 350 guests outside in time for midnight fireworks, and coordinating with the FBI, among other hilarious scenarios.

Where are you from
Vero Beach, Florida. I went to UF so I’m a Gator fan even though I disagree with blue and orange as a color combo.

What do you like
I’m very fond of Parisian style. I love vintage collectibles. I am overwhelmingly satisfied by textures. My favorite books are Pride & Prejudice and Atonement (also are my favorite movies). And my favorite restaurant is Le Fanfare. I thought it was French at first but it’s Italian. Fawn-fah-ray

Favorite quote
“Don’t mistake the forest for the trees.”



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