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September 28th, 2017

Profile: Samantha Citro / Immunocologie

Meet Samantha Citro from the other side of Hudson River— Good ol’ Jersey.

What’s the name of your company and what is your title
I’m the Vice President of Immunocologie

What inspired you to begin (working at) your company
Immunocologie is creating a new way to think about skincare. The products blend the best natural ingredients with sophisticated science to create products that actually work. Once I tried the products, I knew I wanted to be a part of making this a success. Plus, it’s an amazing opportunity for me to do what I love AND build something great.

What was your childhood mantra
More cheese, please.

What’s your pre-take off ritual
I buy an iced latte and 3 celebrity gossip magazines, change out my contacts for glasses, and apply ridiculously thick amounts of hydrating skincare (specifically Immunocologie’s Intense Eye Creme & Night Protection Creme). So much that I look like I’m melting. But I always look like I’ve had a full night’s sleep stepping off a flight…. even though I can never sleep on planes.

What’s your ideal summer vacation spot
Hawaii’s Big Island. It’s my favorite place in the world.

First album you ever bought
Honestly? The Sound of Music soundtrack….

What is personal space flight worth to you
Not that much, honestly. It’s cool but… I don’t need it.

Would you trust an autonomous car
No. But I’m a control freak, so I don’t trust much.

Where would you rather be right now
Today, nowhere, because I’m feeling very productive.  But ask me any other day, and I would say Hawaii.

How did you first hear about Blender
My colleague Ryan found Blender for us actually! Someone tagged Immunocologie in an Instagram post with Blender, and we had been looking for a new office for months with little success. So it was fate 🙂

What drew you to Blender
The vibe of the space is very conducive to creativity and productivity. And the gorgeous cafe didn’t hurt 🙂

What made you ultimately decide to move your business to Blender
We needed a space to convene at every day, to ideate in, and to call our own. But we also all need a bit of socialization and stimulus to stay sane.  Blender offers both a great working space and a community of interesting, like-minded businesses.

What would you curate for Blender event
We would LOVE to do a spa day event with you guys! Our founder Karen does the most fantastic facials with grounding energy work, and a facial is the perfect way to end a busy work day.



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