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Nicole Finkel / Blender’s new Events & Programming Manager

January 2, 2019 | Interview by Katie Capri | Photos by Alex Kusak

By night, Blender Workspace moonlights as a hub for events rooted in emerging trends in design, culture and lifestyle. Now that Nicole Finkel’s on board, expect even more special offerings. For this month’s Member Q&A, we got to know a bit about the daily life and inner-workings of Blender’s new Events and Programming Manager, Nicole Finkel.

1) Tell us about your daily ritual?
I wake up early, grab a juice and skim the news. Then I’ll do either yoga or some sort of cardio to get my day started. From there, I really just can not survive without listening to music throughout the day.

2) What’s the bev you can’t go without each day?
Almond Milk Latte

event space nyc

3) Favorite genre of music? 
I love music. My Spotify account says that my top genres are pop, hip-hop, dance/electronic and Indie, which makes sense. I tend to lean more towards upbeat and motivating music; trying to keep my adrenaline pumping.

4) Current pop-culture obsession?
Honestly, I don’t really care about pop culture that much. What I do care about is the future of humanity politically, technologically, and environmentally.

5) What’s your idea of a perfect Friday night?
A great dinner with friends, red wine…and sleep

6) What’s your idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon?
Working out, brunch, Central Park

coworking space nyc

7) Career-wise, who inspires you and why?
Lela Goren. Lela is the CEO of the Lela Goren Group and Vice Chair of WeWork. She is a strong, smart and a successful real estate developer and activist that has changed the way real estate is used, experienced and managed. I love the way she brings culture and community to previously impersonal and closed spaces. Her non-profit, Girls That Build, is so inspiring.
A program to educate girls and young women interested in design, development and construction. It’s amazing.

8) Of all the events you’ve worked in your career (so far), which is your favorite?
Howard Stern’s 60th Birthday Bash. It was a celebration of someone who isn’t afraid to push the envelope. He has no fear and creates and maintains meaningful differentiation. Plus, my favorite comedians and recording artists paid tribute.

9) Where was the last place you had a “wow” New York moment?
Every time I walk through NYC and look up. Being able to walk into completely different architectural worlds with completely different energies within minutes gives me inspiration every day. You never feel alone in NYC.

10) What part of your career inspires you the most?
Lending a hand in creating a fun or educational experience that will allow people to disconnect and enjoy themselves inspires me the most. It’s what I love about working in the events industry.

The Blender experience is
better in-person.

We typically respond the same day your inquiry is received.

Can’t Wait? Call us. 212-994-0230