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      We typically respond the same day your inquiry is received.

      Should you require immediate gratification, call us. 212-994-0230

      Marco Giovanelli / Principal, Giovanelli Consulting

      Marco Giovanelli is an Italian-born business consultant with a mind for problem solving and a flair for the finer things.

      Hailing from the small town of Bergamo where the people are known for both their grit and passion,
      he has proven an exceptional non-exception to this convention.

      After graduating from University in 2005 with a Mechanical Engineering degree, Marco
      spent a year abroad in Barcelona, working at an electro-mechanical factory. Despite
      being the youngest of 100 factory employees, Marco was given purview over quality
      standards for the entire production and soaked up knowledge by interacting constantly
      with suppliers, colleagues, and clients.

      Just a few years later Marco found himself across the world in the center of New York
      City’s Diamond District. His sense and sensibilities combined sparked a rather
      successful career in the high-end jewelry industry. But the true outlet for Marco’s
      multifaceted skill set became crystal clear when he struck out on his own to launch
      Giovanelli Consulting. Well-traveled, eager to learn, and never too busy not to listen,
      Marco now gets to share his experience and knowledge to support other creative
      professionals. While coming into his own, he also found the perfect home for his
      business here at Blender’s luxury workspace.

      In the spirit of keeping our community connected, we wanted to share Marco’s story.
      Those of you who may have met him or who haven’t had the pleasure will find his
      insights inspiring. Marco took some time out from listening to his clients to talk to us
      about how engineering skills apply within the luxury space, advice for aspiring
      consultants, and where to get the best pierogis in New York City!

      Mechanical Engineering Background

      What attracted you to that field?
      I’ve always liked logical thinking and the structural aspect of things, and I found that numbers
      have this magical way of solving problems in the real world. Since kindergarten, I’ve enjoyed
      learning about mathematics and in high school I fell in love with physics and mechanics.
      Mechanical Engineering became the obvious choice for me in college because it combines all of
      these wonderful sciences.

      What did you learn from mechanical engineering that you still use in your work (or life) today?

      I definitely learned that planning in advance to reduce risk of failure is necessary for anything
      that applies to your job or life. Taking risks is what makes life exciting—let’s be honest—but to
      avoid complete failure, one always needs a safety net in place. I equally enjoy order, getting a
      deeper understanding of the reason behind a problem and creating a line of sight in the right

      direction to get to a better place. This is something I do all the time when I work with clients who
      need to rebuild the financial foundations of their businesses.

      What brought you to New York originally?

      It was a very spontaneous decision, made without much thinking. Rather, I was following a call
      from within. At the end of 2008, I quit my job as an engineer and in two months found myself in
      a city across the ocean with no friends, family, job, or place to live—plus a new language to
      learn! I gave myself few months to try and see if I liked it; if I could “make it here.” I celebrated
      11 years in the Big Apple this past January!
      I also always mention that I grew up watching Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
      so that might have influenced my decision =).

      Marco Giovanelli

      Marco Giovanelli

      How did you get into the world of luxury jewelry? Who are some of your favorite designers?

      While I was looking for a job in 2014, a company from my hometown, Bergamo, was looking for
      a showroom / sales manager for their office in the Diamond District. Being from the same town
      and having a clear understanding of their different ways of thinking and working compared to
      the American market, made me the ideal person—a business-translator if you will—to help them
      successfully expand in the States. From then on, I traveled the world to represent the brand and
      met many professionals at the major jewelry trade shows from Hong Kong to Basel, while also
      growing a pretty vast network in the U.S.
      Favorite designers? My first choice would be BVLGARI, without a doubt: Iconic, majestic, bold,
      and very much Italian. Another brand I find exquisitely elegant is Bayco, based here in NY: The
      quality of their stones is impressive and they create some of the most elegant statement pieces
      I have seen for high-end jewelry.

      The History of Giovanni Consulting

      How did it evolve, what is your mission, who are your clients?

      I opened Giovanelli Consulting because I wanted to combine the problem-solving skills I learned
      in my studies with the work experience I’d gained. Running a firm that supports luxury brands in
      making strategic decisions combines all the skills and resources I can offer with confidence. The
      goal is to expand this project and build a team of professionals in very specific areas, working in
      sync with the same approach and style.

      What’s one of your proudest accomplishments?

      Opening a company starting from scratch in the middle of the most aggressive market in the
      world, New York, is for sure something that makes me feel pretty good and proud. Especially
      considering that I’ve had no form of outside help and have made a lot of personal sacrifices; I
      am not stopping though, and I’m already looking forward to the next challenge and the next goal
      to achieve.

      How did you get introduced to Blender and how have you benefited from being part of this community?

      I needed a new office and decided to do my own research on New York City coworking spaces
      that reflect my ideal of an aesthetically pleasant place to do business. After meeting up with
      Scott and taking a tour, I was immediately drawn to the Blender space, the partners involved in
      the Global Collective, and the community of professionals working with the same high standards
      that I uphold at Giovanelli Consulting.
      When I receive clients, they experience the same sense of luxury that they want to achieve with
      their brand and it’s easier to build a bond for a professional relationship.

      What are you passionate about outside of your work?

      I love all activities that contribute to a happy and meaningful life: Cooking firstly (we are what we
      eat after all), working out, reading and learning, having good conversations with people I know
      or that I just met.
      I also travel quite a bit for work and enjoy taking my time when possible to see how locals live,
      rather than sightseeing.

      What are some of your favorite places in NYC?

      Madison Square Park is one of my favorite parks (and yes, one of the reasons I want to work in
      NoMad); I also enjoy walking on the East River Park by the Lower East Side, the neighborhood
      where I live.
      In the summertime, I take the F train to Coney Island then walk along the boardwalk to Brighton
      and reward myself with some handmade pierogi sold at the store by these lovely babushkas.
      This is a ritual I do on my own at least once every summer and that takes me back to old school
      New York.

      Best film seen this year? Any favorite musicians?

      I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen many movies lately, but I would love to see the new version of The
      Call of the Wild, based on one of my all times favorite books by Jack London.
      I have a pretty long list of favorites when it comes to music. Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of
      opera arias when I need to unwind after a long day working (and mostly talking).

      What characteristics do you think it takes to be a good consultant, or what advice would
      you give to someone who wants to do what you do?

      A professional consultant is a person who companies trust for his or her expertise, knowledge,
      and confidence, so start from there. Invest in continuous learning and keeping yourself up-to-
      date. Also, don’t be afraid to recommend alternative solutions that might be a bit challenging for
      your clients to understand at first, and make sure they can appreciate the value of your
      propositions. Remember that they hire you to benefit from your point of view, not simply to
      agree with their plans.

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