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      We typically respond the same day your inquiry is received.

      Should you require immediate gratification, call us. 212-994-0230

      Best Alternative to WeWork in NYC (2022)

      Best Alternative to WeWork in NYC (2022)

      In less than a decade, the global workplace has evolved significantly. The coronavirus showed the world that the traditional way of doing business isn’t as efficient as we thought it was. As a result, every business started to invest more in the idea of flexible work schedules, freelancing, remote work, and coworking spaces.

      Coworking spaces provide a semi-formal work environment for people to gather around within one space, to work, socialize, and network with their peers. They are convenient, budget-friendly, and comfortable. Coworking spaces try to redefine alternatives to work and networking. One great thing about these spaces is that they are hubs for employees from various organizations with exclusive memberships.

      In a city like New York, coworking spaces have quickly become a popular trend, and one name that keeps coming up is WeWork. WeWork is one of the first companies to provide exclusive remote workspaces on a membership. Generally, it is one of the best there is. However, it may not be the perfect choice for everyone. So, what if you are interested in the best alternatives to WeWork in NYC? What are your options?

      We’ve checked out many options available and narrowed down the list to only the best. We’ve considered the availability of essential amenities such as 24/7 access to workspaces, ease of transportation, food and snacks, furnishing, and more. So, instead of choosing any service provider you come across, keep reading to discover our top recommended alternatives to WeWork in NYC.

      Blender Workspace

      Blender Workspace is arguably the best alternative to WeWork in NYC in 2022. It is an award-winning workspace with beautiful aesthetics and essential work facilities. Blender Workspace is located at 135 Madison Avenue in NoMad, New York City. It is an ideal work environment for creative, fashion, entrepreneur, media, and art professionals.

      Blender sits on the sixth floor, occupying 15,000 square feet of premium office space and facilities. So not only do you get a bright sunny view of the city, but you are also surrounded by passionate individuals looking for the best conditions to be productive. As a member, you get access to office supplies, free internet, security, and modern Danish furniture. Additionally, there’s also a cafe and the option to request catering.

      You are captivated by the professional and elaborate office space design from the first step into Blender Workspace. If you don’t want to go with WeWork in NYC, Blender Workspace is the next best thing that provides almost all of the amenities WeWork delivers and more.

      PriceMembership starts from $695 monthly for one dedicated desk space.

      The Farm SoHo

      Best Alternative to WeWork in NYC (2022) - The Farm SOHO Workspace

      This is one of the most stylish workspaces around the big apple. The Farm SoHo has Soho, Soho East, and Midtown NYC locations. Each of these spaces has a signature farmhouse charm that makes a day at work feel like you are hanging out with a couple of friends at a coffee shop.

      Membership at The Farm provides 24/7 access, conference rooms for business meetings, phone booths, and virtual mailboxes. All the locations are pet-friendly, and you can refuel with as much coffee as you need. The Farm is a combination of barn decor and modern technology.

      It welcomes professionals, including entrepreneurs, creatives, and freelancers. It is a creative and productive environment where various ideas can bounce around and grow into something tangible. If you’re interested in a cozy professional workspace that won’t cost you a fortune, The Farm is worth considering. It is one of the best alternatives to WeWork in NYC.


      NeueHouse Workspace

      Another great option is Neuehouse. It is a stylish modern space home to various artistic figures, including filmmakers, fashion designers, architects, and fine artists. Walking through Neuehouse looks and feels like you’re in a brilliant hotel lobby.

      Located right in the heart of Madison Square, Neuehouse offers 16 public office desks and nine private offices. In addition, members get access to WiFiWiFi services, printing, and meeting rooms. There are also other perks that members can get depending on how much they pay to sign up. For example, you can enjoy in-house production services, art exhibitions, bikes, cultural programming, etc.

      Neuehouse is one of the best coworking spaces in NYC, thanks to all the amenities and quality of services it provides. If WeWork doesn’t seem like a right fit for you, Neuehouse can be the next alternative. However, you should note that this premium workspace comes with an expensive price tag.


      GreenDesk Conference Room

      If you’re interested in an eco-friendly alternative to WeWork in NYC, Greendesk is an excellent bet. It is one of the coworking spaces that consciously pursue sustainability. Greendesk has eight locations spread across Brooklyn and Long Island. Its members include people from various professions. So, no matter what you do, you’ll fit in seamlessly.

      Greendesk sticks to the most environmentally-friendly practices possible. For example, it uses recycled glass and aluminum for building renovations and chooses eco-friendly office products.

      Some of the perks of Greendesk’s membership include a cafeteria, fast and secure WiFiWiFi, and an outdoor patio. Thankfully, all its facilities are available at affordable rates. In addition, you can choose to subscribe to access a shared workspace or pay to have a private office all to yourself.

      Although Greendesk doesn’t have any locations in Manhattan, it is still a fantastic alternative to WeWork in NYC. Additionally, many of its locations are within the Brooklyn borough.

      The Wing

      TheWing Workspace

      This is another top-rated coworking space in NYC that is conducive for various businesses. It is a beautiful, warm, comfortable space with phone booths and conference rooms. In its early days, The Wing was built as a go-to spot for women, but these days, it welcomes all gender identities.

      The Wing is currently home to several business professionals and creatives. It is also an excellent alternative to WeWork in NYC. The Wing has five spaces in New York City (Williamsburg, Dumbo, Soho, Flatiron, and Bryant Park. These spaces are secure and have a high-speed WiFiWiFi connection.

      Furthermore, the offices have conference rooms, phone booths, shower and beauty rooms, and a library. The Wing also hosts about four events weekly. These events include workshops on mental health, film screenings, panels, and other social events.


      Cubico Workspace

      Rounding up our list is Cubico. This is a creative and expansive work environment designed to unlock the potential of business people to come around to get work done. The exposed pipes give the vibe of a studio apartment, and everything else about the furniture spells our professionalism and modern-day office prices.

      Members can choose between hot desks, private offices, and conference rooms. These are great options for many kinds of businesses. Cubico also has a couple of perks, including a courtyard, a rooftop patio, 24/7 access, a kitchen, high-speed internet, a cellar area, and a shop atmosphere. Although it comes last on this list, Cubico is still one of the best alternatives for WeWork in NYC. So, if you’re considering a new space in 2022, you can check it out.

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