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      We typically respond the same day your inquiry is received.

      Should you require immediate gratification, call us. 212-994-0230

      Best Alternative to Industrious in NYC (2023)

      Best Alternative to Industrious in NYC (2023)

      Shared workspaces have quickly become popular because they allow businesses and companies to operate without owning an official office or building. Also, they facilitate flexible work hours, networking, and provide all the amenities you may need in an office for an affordable membership fee.

      New York City is one of the cities in the world that has quickly accepted the idea of shared workspaces, and it has quite many top-rated workspace providers such as Industrious. Industrious has remained a top choice thanks to its outstanding services and facilities. However, not everyone may consider it to be the right fit for their needs.

      Thankfully, we’ve made a list of other excellent workspaces you can consider if you’re interested in an alternative to Industrious in NYC. So, please stick with us to find the best choice for you.

      Blender Workspace

      Blender Workspace is our top recommended alternative to Industrious in NYC in 2023. It provides a one-of-a-kind working environment for New Yorkers in different lines of work, looking for comfortable modern workspaces.

      You can easily locate Blender Workspace at 135 Madison Avenue in NoMad, New York City. It occupies 15000 Square feet of office space on the sixth floor of the building. Blender Workspace is very spacious, aesthetically pleasing, and well-lit.

      Additionally, its offices offer the latest technology for optimized functionality. This way, you can effectively achieve your goals, thanks to a conducive environment.

      Furthermore, membership at Blender Workspace offers several benefits including free internet access, top-notch security, and reliable privacy. Members also have access to office supplies, printing resources, a cafe, and catering services. Blender Workspace gives you excellent value for your money, that’s why it’s an excellent alternative to Industrious.

      Blender Workspace has different membership plans you can choose from.

      Price: Membership starts from $695 monthly for a dedicated desk space. Private and shared offices start at $795 per month.

      The Yard

      Best Alternative to Industrious in NYC (2022) - The Yard

      Another wonderful alternative to Industrious in 2023, is The Yard. The Yard is well known because of its excellent offices around the US, including its space in NYC. One thing they all share is exquisite designs around the offices.

      As a member of The Yard, you have access to several amenities that make work and meetings a whole lot easier, and more efficient. You wouldn’t need to bring extra equipment to The Yard. Additionally, there are secure storage spaces attached to some office desks, which helps you maintain privacy.

      Furthermore, The Yard has affordable private, shared, incubation spaces and meeting rooms. You can also choose between sharing an office desk at the offices, or using a single desk. Without a doubt, The Yard is a worthy alternative to Industrious in NYC, and your subscription covers all you need without extra expenses for other services.


      Best Alternative to Industrious in NYC (2022) - Convene

      Next on our list is Convene. It is another reliable choice for anyone looking for an alternative to Industrious in Midtown Manhattan, NYC. It’s conveniently located close to the Grand Central and a variety of restaurants.

      Walking into Convene, you’re welcomed by beautiful decor and a relaxing ambiance. Also, the workspace is designed to allow natural light and set up with all the modern amenities you may need including free internet, cleaning services, and security.

      There are over 700 workstations and meeting rooms available at Convene. So, if you’re running a large business, or you need top-tier meeting rooms in NYC, Convene is a great alternative to Industrious.

      Bond Collective

      Best Alternative to Industrious in NYC (2022) - Bond Collective

      Bond Collective is another recommended alternative to Industrious in NYC. It is located in the busy financial district of New York City, and it attracts customers from different industries looking for conducive remote workspaces.

      Members have access to shared rooms, private offices, booths, meeting rooms, and a kitchen. Also, Bond Collective has an event space that can accommodate up to 300 guests. Cozy and spacious rooms, and modern design are just some of the selling points at Bond Collective.

      Furthermore, Bond Collective is welcoming with its customer-friendly services and policies. It allows workers to bring their pets along to work, and there’s disabled access. Bond Collective provides all that makes for an ideal workspace, that’s why we recommend you add it to your list of possible alternatives to Industrious in 2023.

      Rise New York

      Alternative to Industrious - Rise New York

      Rise New York is another name making waves these days. It is backed by the popular banking giant, Barclays. Rise New York is a wonderful choice for startups and financial technology businesses, exploring alternatives to Industrious in NYC.

      This workspace has an excellent interior design and modern amenities. For example, its rooms are soundproof, with double-paned glass and secure storage facilities. Additionally, Rise New York has an auditorium, podcast rooms with recording facilities, accelerator space, phone booths, a kitchen, and a cafe.

      There are different membership plans customers can choose from for access to all the facilities Rise New York has to offer. Membership also provides the opportunity to take your business to the next level.

      For example, Rise New York connects members to launch or grow their ideas through different programs at the workspace such as FinTech Friday and Female Innovators Lab.


      Best Alternative to Industrious in NYC (2022) - Greendesk

      Although it comes at the end of our list, Greendesk is a great alternative to Industrious in NYC. It is located near the shore between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridge and surrounded by beautiful scenery.

      Greendesk attracts a long list of tech companies in NYC, thanks to its facilities. Its DUMBO office is located in an area that’s close to other businesses members may need such as a cafe, a gym, and cafes. DUMBO is short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.

      Greendesk has several workspaces available that are ideal for any kind of work environment you might be interested in. It provides conference rooms, shared spaces, private spaces, and an event venue.

      Greendesk also has a photo studio and a mailing system that delivers mail to your workspace. Furthermore, you can operate with a flexible work schedule. Greendesk provides keycards that allow you to access your workspace whenever you want to.

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