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      We typically respond the same day your inquiry is received.

      Should you require immediate gratification, call us. 212-994-0230

      Best Alternative to Convene in NYC (2023)

      Best Alternative to Convene in NYC (2023)

      Choosing a venue is an integral part of preparing for a corporate event or meeting. A good deal of research is required to select the right venue to make your event and meeting a success.

      One of the best options for your event in NYC is Convene. Convene has different types of event spaces, such as lounges, event halls, meeting spaces, and a club. These spaces all feature exquisite design aesthetics and furniture. They also feature audio visual tools to satisfy client’s technological needs and other amenities.

      Although Convene is a great option, there are others you might consider, depending on what you need. Check out our list of great alternatives to Convene in NYC below.

      Blender Workspace

      Best Alternative to Convene in NYC - Blender Event Space

      Blender Workspace may be the best option for you when searching for an event space in NYC. Blender is an amazing alternative to Convene, located at 135 Madison Avenue in the NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan. This venue is conveniently located in Midtown South NYC, close to top restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and subway lines.

      Blender offers full-service event planning and production in their spaces or at other venues in NYC and beyond. You will enjoy the facilities and services needed for a successful event. The spaces are available for both corporate events, workshops, offsites and TV film video productions.

      You are not limited to small-scale events with Blender Workspace. Blender’s biggest venue is 3,000 sq ft and can accomodate 120 seated guests. This event space is equipped with a audio video sound system, a presentation system, and a projector. There are several venues at Blender, and you can get one for as low as $300 per hour.

      Are you planning to hold a private meeting? Blender has a space for you. This 350 sq ft of space is big enough to hold 10 seated guests with a rate of $165 per hour for non-members. It comes with a Samsung LED TV, polycom conference phone, pin boards, and HDMI cables.

      Full-service planning, catering, staffing and audio visual capabilities are available at Blender Workspace. Blender Workspace is a suitable alternative to Convene because of its hospitality driven services and unique design aesthetic. Working with the Blender event team is convenient and efficient.

      Price: The Study Event Space starts from as low as $300/hr.

      Cocoon Flex Spaces

      Best Alternative to Convene in NYC - Cocoon Event Space

      Cocoon is another alternative to Convene, which owns multiple event spaces across New York. Each of these spaces is uniquely designed for activities such as meetings, lectures, production, conferences, and other corporate and private events.

      At Cocoon, you can get special event rooms like Chef Kitchens, galleries, studios, showrooms, and rooftop spaces apart from regular event halls. You can book them at an hourly rate any day of the week.

      You do not have to prepare an event space at Cocoon. They manage the entire preparation and provide necessities for your event. You can discuss the details you want for the venue, and you can get ideas if you don’t have any.

      Cocoon aims to provide its users with the best experience. They offer flexible rental packages and provide all the facilities you need. Cocoon is an excellent alternative to Convene space.

      Pierre Meetings

      Best Alternatives to Convene in NYC - Pierre Meetings Event Space

      Pierre Meetings is a popular choice of event spaces in NYC. It is an alternative to Convene, located in an easily accessible part of NYC around famous businesses. You can also get accommodations at Pierre Meetings.

      Pierre Meeting’s grand event spaces have over 20,000 sq ft of space and can hold over 1500 seated guests. They also have a Grand Ballroom, a Regent space, and a cotillion. The smallest of these rooms can hold up to 250 guests.

      Pierre Meetings also has smaller spaces like its Park, Lexington, and Madison boardroom. The boardroom can hold up to 16 guests. These event rooms have between 400 to 600 sq ft of space.

      These event spaces come with services such as; catering, technicians, and business centers. Pierre Meetings qualifies as an alternative to Convene.

      Meet Hospitality

      Best Alternative to Convene in NYC - Meet Hospitality Event Space

      Meet Hospitality is a great choice for business and educational events. They are one of the best alternatives to Convene in NYC, with multiple event space locations across Manhattan.

      Meet Hospitality transforms its venues to meet the objective of your event. This transformation focuses on your brand and the ideas you would like your meeting or event to feature.

      Each of the meeting spaces or venues at Meet Hospitality is unique. There are meeting rooms, club spaces, open spaces, and a lounge. One of these venues is a high-tech room with 12 000 sq ft of space.

      The venues are also filled with amazing art. These works were collected over the years by Meet Hospitality’s owners. These artworks make an amazing venue for your event.

      Moonlight Studious

      Best Alternatives to Convene in NYC - Moonlight Studious Event Space

      Moonlight Studios is an event space located in SoHo, Manhattan. They deliver high-end services focused on improving their user experience. They are one of the alternatives to Convene in NYC.

      Moonlight Studios has a major event space, a studio, a broadcast suite, a veranda, and a garden. You can rent the major space for any of your events. You’ll get the facilities you need while renting this 12,000 sq ft venue.

      Moonlight Studios provides enough technology in its studio, broadcast suite, and event space. This space has media servers, a background audio system, and a collection of monitors that serve as a digital canvas. It has a good internet connection and a power system to match this.

      Although the Garden can work for small-scale corporate events, it is highly suitable for private events. It is an outdoor space with beautiful scenery. The Veranda also has a great view and is suitable for meals and breaks.


      Best Alternative to Convene in NYC - Gather Event Space

      Gather is one of the best alternatives to Convene in NYC. Gather comprises a couple of event spaces by Bond Collective. These event spaces have unique features and different capacities.

      Gather’s event spaces can be used for corporate and social events of any scale. For your convenience, they have prepared a list of vendors that can help you prepare for the event. You can get decor, catering, and entertainment services from this list.

      Gather’s rental packages include weddings, conferences, cocktail parties, and more. For each of these packages, additional services come with renting the venues.

      You will get in-house assistance from Gather for every event you hold. Gather allows you to customize their venue to your taste and provides corporate events services. All of these make Gather a great alternative.


      Best Alternative to Convene in NYC - NeueHouse Event Space

      NeueHouse owns a collection of event spaces in multiple locations, including central Manhattan. NeueHouse offers well-spaced choices with dynamic scenery. The event spaces range from close intimate rooms to open floors.

      NeueHouse’s biggest event space in NYC is The Penthouse. This event space has an area of over 6000 sq ft and can fit up to 225 standing guests. You can hold any event you want in this venue.

      Apart from the penthouse, you can get alternatives at NeueHouse including conference rooms, a pavilion, and a gallery. The conference rooms are small rooms that can accommodate 8 seated guests.

      NeueHouses’s additional services make it a suitable alternative to Convene. They provide catering services, production assistance, and management. NeueHouse helps you fully prepare for your event.

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